2012 Aponi Designs

OCONNELL-1 OCONNELL-2WILD ROMANCE-4 WILD ROMANCE-1Black Rose-1Chocolat'-1Gilded Amethyst-5 Gilded Amethyst-72012 REBECCA BD-1Love Potion No 9-3 Love Potion No 9-5Pinot Noir-1 Pinot Noir-4Rosa Regale-1Roses in Winter-1Garden Delight-1Splash of Royal-5 Splash of Royal-6 Splash of Royal-7SUMMER DOTS-1Sunday Brunch-6 Sunday Brunch-9Sunny-8 Sunny-6 Sunny-5Topaz and Diamonds-1Topaz Temptress-1 Topaz Temptress-5With A Little Luck-1TURQ-BLACK-1 TURQ-BLACK-2Frosted Petals-1 Frosted Petals-5JINGLE BELLE-1 JINGLE BELLE-5MERRI MISTLETOE-5 MERRI MISTLETOE-9MIDNIGHT WISHES-2 MIDNIGHT WISHES-3MIDNIGHT WISHES-5NOEL-1RETRO GOLD-4WINTER WONDER-1 WINTER WONDER-3YULETIDE ROMANCE-1 YULETIDE ROMANCE-4


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