Just two weeks …

and I’m finally going to visit NYC!  I’m so excited to see the city, attend Hamilton, and visit with fellow doll collectors and friends!  🙂new-york-skyline-vector-art_23-2147493926


KenVention … another one I’m going to miss this year. However, I love everyone going and “Be Like Brit”, the cause they support so I’m sending some dollies. Here’s a preview of Silent Auction and Live Auction dolls from me. Hugs to all!

My Silent Auction doll, “Rocky Mountain High” … as some of you know, I’m from Wyoming so, of course, just had to reference a part of the “wild west” where I grew up.

My Live Auction dolls, “Faithful” … trying to keep a little more with the theme yet still a little Wyoming … LOL!

Missing GAW!

Seems strange to not be in Michigan this week … I hope everyone is having a fabulous time!  But I’m keeping myself quite busy preparing for National Barbie convention.  Here is a preview of doll totes that I’ll have available this year at 2016 NBDCC.

Preorders welcome if you are looking for table gifts. 😉. They are $10/each for the style where the ribbon handles are sewn into the seam and $15/each for other styles that require more time and materials. However, any design can be made with any type handle. All are fully lined with coordinating fabrics.