Missing GAW!

Seems strange to not be in Michigan this week … I hope everyone is having a fabulous time!  But I’m keeping myself quite busy preparing for National Barbie convention.  Here is a preview of doll totes that I’ll have available this year at 2016 NBDCC.

Preorders welcome if you are looking for table gifts. 😉. They are $10/each for the style where the ribbon handles are sewn into the seam and $15/each for other styles that require more time and materials. However, any design can be made with any type handle. All are fully lined with coordinating fabrics.



Spring is Coming … :-)

I received good news from Wyoming, Minnesota, and Ohio today … feeling so thankful!!!  And it’s St Patrick’s Day … so spring is almost here!  I love the freshness of spring so I sat down and accessorized an outfit, “Fresh as a Daisy”.

Time is flying by and I’ve been going way too much! So …

I plan to stay home more, sew more, enjoy time with my friends more ….. just more of calmer in the coming year!  Probably shouldn’t put that in writing but oh well, I did and truly plan to stick to it!

I have a few fashions left after convention that I’ll be listing on ebay.  Then, I’m going to reopen my Etsy shop which I haven’t used in years.  Yes, I’m planning to have an inventory of hats, totes and accessories.  😉